Stuyvesant Town Pictures


New York City Rhyming Poem

The streets were said to be paved with gold

In the land of milk and honey

But they now look old


People stand out in the cold

Hoping for others to give them money

Where the streets were said to be paved with gold


At the street vendors, fruits are sold

To the people of New York City

Where the streets were said to be paved with gold


In the winter a person stands strong and bold

Bundled up like a bunny

Where the streets were said to be paved with gold


Stories were told

Of the land of milk and honey

That the streets were said to be paved with gold

But now they look old

Riding the Subway Vignette

You walk out the door, not knowing what new adventures you will face. You decide to take the subway – it’s Monday morning, so you’re tired and don’t have the energy to walk the whole way. You swipe your card in and hold your breath to avoid the stench. You really hope no one comes to you for money. You get on the train and pounce on the nearest seat like a tiger. Musicians come into your car playing your least favorite types of songs.


Waiting for the Bus Vignette

You’re walking down the sidewalk, and run up to the vehicle because it has already arrived, but leaves just as you reach it. You wait out in the cold under the post forever. It seems like over a million NOT IN SERVICE or NEXT BUS PLEASE buses have driven by. You start to realize that you would have been home by now if you had just hoofed it up. You check your watch like everyone else. Time is passing. Maybe, you think, you should just give up. Suddenly everyone else looks excited, because a bus is approaching. But their faces die when they realize it takes a different route. But as the bus moves away, it reveals the bus, the right one. Everyone rushes up to it, but somehow you end up at the end of the line. You get out your card. Finally, you get up to the front of the line. But just before you put it in, you remember that you forgot to refill it.

E. B. White Emulation

There are roughly three types of Stuyvesant Towns.

There’s the one for the residents, who get used to the nice environment.

There’s the one for the kids from outside, who come to appreciate the lovely playgrounds.

There’s the one for the squirrels and pigeons, who truly dominate all the land of Stuyvesant Town. The pigeons sit on your air conditioners, and when you come out they swarm around you. The squirrels stand a foot away from you and stare up at you, thinking that you’re the old lady who came with nuts the other day.

13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird Emulation

13 Ways of Looking at Stuyvesant Town

1. Overcrowded with residents

living in the 11,000 tiny apartments

2. Quiet and peaceful

no cars and trucks to make noise

3. Confusing and big

anyone can get lost

4. A beautiful scenery

with flowers growing everywhere

5. A place for animals

like pigeons and squirrels

6. Cold and dark

the noise of the wind swooping around buildings

7. Joyful and happy

the sound of laughter in the playgrounds

8. Entertaining and fun

the weekly evening concerts in the summer

9. Dull and boring

wilted flowers and dead tree branches

10. Scary

a police car at every turn

11. Safe

no burglars or thieves to worry about

12. Friendly

everyone waves and smiles

13. A community

We’re all one big family